The world Maurizio Zatti turns 20.
A project that grew up with him and has now become a consolidated reality.

From the small shop dedicated to the male universe, thanks to its discreet, innovative and quality philosophy, it grows into two shops in constant evolution, both men's and women's clothing and footwear and accessories.

What makes the difference is the ethic of maurizio Zatti who decides to stand out ... rather than the possibility of making discounts, he prefers not to chase the world of consumerism, but to always show his gaze and attention to his customers that he always takes care of with a special service, thanks also to the precious team that welcomes and fulfills your wishes and needs every day in the store.

maurizioZatti does not stop, and today he is, trying, even in the virtual world, to maintain his philosophy and widening the opportunity to make his shop windows known.

Thanking you for all the trust shown over the years, we look forward to seeing you soon in the shop to meet again!

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